How To Choose Best Ironing Board Cover In The UK?

A good quality ironing board cover should be heat-resistant, wrinkle-free and padded. It should also be easy to fit onto your ironing board with a drawing cord and fastener to prevent any overhang or loose areas.

In this buying guide, we recommend the best ironing board covers you can buy online. We also give you some tips on how to choose the best ironing board cover. 

What to Consider When Choosing an Ironing Board Cover

A. Size

Before you check anything else, make sure the cover will fit your ironing board. You don’t have to get a cover that is exactly the same size as your ironing board.

Most covers are designed to fit boards within a specific size range. Check the specified length and width range before you order.

With most covers, you’ll likely have to use the included fastening mechanism to make the cover snug and smooth out wrinkles.

B. Fabric

The fabric used to make the cover should be strong and resistant to heat.

Most ironing board covers are made from cotton. Cotton is resilient and produces a smooth ironing surface.

Some fabrics have a metallic coating that reflects heat. The reflective design makes for faster and better ironing.

Another thing to consider is the fabric design. Most manufacturers offer ironing board covers in several design options including plain, wavy, flowery and others. The best choice comes down to your tastes.

C. Padding

The cover should come with foam padding underneath. Padding ensures the surface of the cover stays smooth and flat, which makes it easier to iron clothes.

If your ironing board has a good and thick padding, you can get a cheaper cover without the padding.

D. Safe for Steam Irons?

Most ironing board covers are safe to use with conventional irons as well steam irons. They are also safe for use with steamers.

But check the manufacturer specifications to be sure. Covers that are okay to use with steam irons have better moisture protection, which keeps moisture from going through to the board underneath.  

E. Heat-Safe Parking Zone

This one is not very common. In fact, we’ve only seen it in Brabantia ironing board covers.

At the end of the cover is a small zone with a heat-resistant material. This is a zone you can safely place the iron when you are not using it.

Best Ironing Board Covers: Reviews

1. Brabantia Oval Ironing Board Cover with Parking Zone


TheBrabantia ironing board cover is our top recommendation for most people. It is designed specifically to fit Brabantia ironing boards, but you can use it with any ironing board.

Just make sure your board is smaller than the size of the cover (135cm length x 45cm width).

If you have a Brabantia board, the manufacturer has a handy code system for matching covers and ironing boards. This particular cover is for size D ironing boards.

The Brabantia cover comes as a complete system that includes the cover itself, foam padding underneath and a cord fastener to ensure a snug fit.

The cover is 100% cotton. At one end is the parking zone we mentioned. It provides a handy place to place the iron when you are not using it.

By the way, the Brabantia cover is safe to use with a conventional iron as well as a steam iron or steam generator.

As for style, you can choose from several colours and patterns.

What we like about it:

  • 100% cotton.
  • Comes with padding.
  • Includes a handy parking zone.
  • Safe for steam generators and steam irons.

2. Time2Shop Adjustable Ironing Board Cover Review


If you have an extra-large ironing board, we recommend the Time2Shop cover. Measuring 144cm by 52cm, it is the largest of our picks.

Elastic edges and Velcro straps ensure the cover fits snugly on your board without any exposed edges or loose surface. There’s a safety hook to secure excess fabric underneath the board.

You can further tighten the cover using the elastic cord and toggle.

Underneath, the cover contains a layer of felt that ensures a smooth surface and prevents moisture from sipping through. So you can safely use this cover with a steam iron.

The thick padding also reflects heat from the iron, helping you iron out wrinkles faster without scorching your clothes.

The cover itself is made from 100% cotton. You can choose from multiple patterns including bubbles, terrazzo, fig and stars.

What we like about it:

  • Multiple style options.
  • 100% cotton cover with thick reflective padding.
  • Fits most boards, even the larger ones. It’s easily adjustable to different sizes.

3. Brabantia Ironing Board Cover C Review


If you have a type C Brabantia ironing board, this is the right replacement cover. It’s also ideal for any ironing board smaller than 124 by 45cm.

The cover comes as a complete set. It includes the cover itself, 4mm of foam padding and 4mm of felt padding.

The felt is there to keep everything nice and dry, especially when you are using a steam generator or steam iron. It keeps the top cover dry and prevents the board underneath from getting wet.

The set also includes cord-fastening system to ensure a snug fit.

The heavy-duty and heat-resistant cover is made from pure cotton. It holds colour well (won’t start fading after some time) and is washable.

Similar to other ironing board covers, the Brabantia cover is available in several styles and patterns.

What we like about it:

  • Felt underlay keeps cover and board dry.
  • Includes foam padding.
  • 100% cotton cover – smooth and durable.

4. Vileda Premium 2-in-1 Ironing Board Cover Review


On a budget? Get the Vileda 2-in-1 ironing board cover. The 2-in-1 label refers to reflective coating on the cover as well as the soft cotton cover itself.

The reflective coating shortens ironing time.

Beneath the cover are three layers of foam and felt. They ensure a smooth ironing surface and prevent water condensation on the board.  

The Vileda cover fits ironing boards with a length between 120 and 130cm and width between 38 and 45cm.

The edges are elastic, so they fit easily over the ironing board. To make the cover snugger, pull the cord and secure it with the toggle.

As for style, the Vileda cover is available in only one grey colour with some butterfly patterns.

What we like about it:

  • Low price.
  • Reflective cover.
  • Thick foam and felt padding.

5. Leifheit Replacement Ironing Board Cover Review


The Leifheit cover is another good choice if you are looking for a reflective ironing board cover.

According to the manufacturer, the thermo-reflective coating on the Leifheit cover reduces ironing time by up to 33%.

The cover is 100% cotton and comes with 4mm padding underneath. It also comes with a tightening drawstring and toggle.

You can safely use a conventional iron or steam iron on the cover.

The Leifheit cover fits ironing boards measuring up to 140cm by 45cm, so it’s perfect for medium size and large boards.

It’s available in only one blue pattern.

What we like about it:

  • 100% cotton cover with thick padding.
  • Safe for use with steam iron.
  • Reflective cover reduces ironing time.
  • Ideal for large ironing boards.