How To Choose The Best Long Handled Dustpan And Brush?

A long handled dustpan and brush combo makes clean-up easy, fast and back pain free. Most of the dustpans you’ll find in stores are the small-handled ones. Even if you have a long broom, you still have to bend down to collect dust and debris.

With a long broom and dustpan, you can clean the floor and collect debris without straining your back. Long handled brooms and dustpans are especially ideal for the elderly and people with bad backs. They are also great for expecting moms.

In this review, we recommend the best pairs of long handled dustpans and brushes, and give you a few tips for choosing the best combo for keeping your floor clean.

Key Considerations When Buying a Long Handled Dustpan and Brush

A. Length

The first thing you need to decide is how long you want the brush and dustpan to be. The handles should be long enough that you can sweep the floor while standing straight or just slightly bent.

If you have to bend your back too much, the handle is too short and could be a problem especially if you already have a bad back.

The ideal length depends on your height. Most people who are short or have average height will find an 80cm-90cm handle to be perfect.

If you are taller than average, get a broom and dustpan with handles between 90cm and 130cm.

If you are not sure what handle height will be most comfortable or you want a broom that different family members can use comfortably, look for a broom with a telescopic handle.

A telescopic handle allows you to adjust the handle length to where it feels most comfortable.

B. Design of Dustpan and Brush

Small design aspects can make a broom and dustpan combo easy to use or a constant frustration. Here are the most important design features to consider.

  • Wide broom head and dustpan mouth – makes it easier to sweep dust and debris into the dustpan.
  • Flush lip – check that the edge or lip of the pan is flush against the floor. This makes it easier to collect dirt and ensures nothing slips underneath the dustpan.
  • Enclosed dustpan – the best dustpan are those that are open only on one end where debris gets in. With the other sides closed, there’s no risk of the collected dirt spilling or blowing away.
  • Large capacity dustpan – get a large capacity dustpan that can hold lots of dirt. It’ll save you the trouble of making frequent trips to the dustbin to empty the pan.
  • Lockable dustpan – A well-designed dustpan should be able to swivel and lock at a 90-degree angle when you want to carry the dirt to a dustbin. This keeps the debris from spilling out.

C. Materials

Unless you are on a tight budget, avoid cheap brooms and dustpans with all-plastic construction. They break easily and don’t last long.

We recommend brooms with long-lasting nylon bristles, a plastic bristle head and an aluminium handle. For the dustpan, only the pan should be plastic. The handle should be aluminium.

D. Ease of Storage

Look for a dustpan and broom that can be clipped together for easy storage. Both or one of the handles should have an eyelet at the top for easy hanging on the wall.

If you don’t want to hang the broom and dustpan on the wall, look for a design that can stand on its own on the floor with the pan acting as the base.

E. Extra Features

Here are some extra features to look for. They are not essential but are nice to have.

  • Replaceable bristle head – saves you the cost of buying a new set when the bristle wear out.
  • Dustpan with teeth – the teeth clean the bristles, helping remove pet hairs and any stuck dirt.
  • Angled bristles for better cleaning along the wall edges and in corners.
  • Broom with bristles and foam – the addition of foam on one side of the broom improves cleaning performance on a smooth floor. Foam also makes it easier to pick up dust and fine debris.

Best Long Handled Dustpan and Brush: Top 5 Reviews

1. TDBS Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Set


This long handled combo by The Dustpan and Brush Store (TDBS) is a bit more expensive than others are, but the quality is really good.

Everything feels solid and well made. This includes the stiff bristles, the thick plastic pan and bristle head and the aluminium handles.

The broom is designed to last whether you use it indoors, on the patio, on pavement or in commercial areas such as restaurants and lobbies.

Because of the stiff brushes, the TDBS broom also works great on the carpet. It’s especially effective for removing pet hairs on rugs.

The pan has an enclosed design and is big enough to hold plenty of debris. The pan doesn’t have a rubber lip like most other dustpans. Instead, the edge is part of the pan and sits flush against the floor.

This design makes it easy to sweep dirt into the pan and prevents any small bits from going under the edge.

Both the pan and broom handles are long enough for short people and those of average height. However, taller customers found the handles to be a bit too short.

Storing the TDBS dustpan and broom is easy. The two clip together. You can then hang them on the wall or stand them on the floor using the bottom of the pan for support.

What we like about it:

  • Well-made and long lasting.
  • The two handles clip together for easy storage.
  • Broom is ideal for different kinds of surfaces including wood, tile, carpet and pavement.
  • Large capacity dustpan with an easy to use design.

2. UMI Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Combo


If you are taller than average, we recommend the UMI long handled dustpan and brush. The brush handle is 103cm long while the dustpan handle is 96cm long.

If that’s not long enough for you, the package includes an optional extension pole that lengthens the brush handle to 137cm.

The handles are aluminium, so you can be sure they’ll last a long time. The bristle head and dustpan are made from strong ABS plastic, while the eco-friendly bristles are made from recycled plastic bottles.

One bonus feature we love is the serrated edge on the dustpan. Run the broom bristles through the teeth to remove tangled pet hair and any stuck debris.

The bristles are non-absorbent and work well on different kinds of surfaces including hardwood, tile and short-pile carpeting.

The dustpan has a rubber lip that sits flush against the floor. Once you finish sweeping, you can lock the dustpan such that the debris doesn’t spill out when you carry and empty the dustpan.

Storage is super easy thanks to the locking clip that holds the two handles together. You can hang the set on a wall hook or stand it on the floor using the dustpan as the base.

What we like about it:

  • High quality construction – expect the set to last for years.
  • Teeth on dustpan make cleaning easier, especially for homes with pets.
  • Handles are great for taller users. An extension pole is included for extra-tall folks.
  • Easy storage on the wall or floor.

3. Vileda DuActiva Anti Dust Broom + Long Handle Dustpan


If you’d love to try a broom that has both bristles and foam, we recommend this broom and dustpan combo from Vileda.

Customers say they’ve seen two big advantages of the foam. One, it collects fine dust much more easily than the bristles on their own. If lots of dust collects on your floor, Vileda DuActiva is the best broom.

Two, it makes it easier to sweep pet hair. Normally, pet hair gets caught in the bristles and doesn’t fall off into the dust pan (unless you get a dustpan with teeth).

With the Vileda broom, the foam strip sweeps pet hair into the dustpan before it gets caught in the bristles. If you struggle with pet hair on the floor, this broom will help.

The foam part of the broom is removable and you can clean it under the tap.

The bristles also work great. They sweep larger pieces of debris into the dust pan. The bristles are angled at the edges to make it easier to reach dirt hiding in corners and along the edge of the wall. Rubber bumpers on the edges ensure you don’t scratch the wall or furniture.

The Vileda DuActiva broom has a telescopic handle, so you don’t have to worry whether it is going to fit your height. It stretches from 75cm long up to 130cm.

The dustpan handle has a fixed length of 80cm, a comfortable sweet spot for most people.

As for storage, the dustpan is foldable for compact storage. Unfortunately, there’s no clip that holds the broom and dustpan together, so you have to store them separately. Both handles have an eye at the top, so you can hang them from a hook on the wall.

What we like about it:

  • Foam makes it easier to sweep fine dust and pet hair.
  • Telescopic broom handle is ideal for all heights.
  • Foldable dustpan for easier storage.
  • Rubber bumpers on broom protect wall and furniture.

4. Elliott Lobby Dustpan and Brush with Self-Closing Lid


Shopping on a budget? We recommend the Elliott Lobby Dustpan and Brush set. It’s the cheapest of our picks, but has comparable quality and cleaning performance to other broom and dustpan sets.

The handle measures about 89cm, with the brush head included. This is long enough for most people.

One downside of the Elliott dustpan and brush set is that the handles on both are plastic, which is not surprising considering the price. Definitely don’t expect them to last as long as metal handles.

The synthetic bristles are ideal for all types of surfaces including hard floors as well as carpeting. They do not absorb water and are resistant to damage from detergents and other chemicals.

The dustpan features the usual rubber lip that’s flush against the floor for easy pick up of dust and debris. The pan is fairly big and you can close it to easily carry debris to the bin without spilling it.

As for storage, a clip holds the dustpan and broom together. You can the hang the set on the wall or stand it on the floor.

What we like about it:

  • Good value for money – great choice if you are on a budget.
  • Easy to use broom and dustpan.
  • Easy to store.

5. CleanPEAK Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Set


The CleanPEAK dustpan and broom are both 85cm long. Most people will find them comfortable to use.

The broom features soft bristles that are great for sweeping fine dust and small pieces of debris such as food crumbs. The broom also collects pet hair on the floor, though we wish the dustpan had a serrated edge to keep hair from sticking to the bristles.

The dustpan has a decent capacity; you can collect all the debris you sweep up without having to make multiple trips to the dustbin.

A rubber lips sits flush on the floor, making it easy to sweep dirt into the pan.

The broom conveniently attaches to the dustpan handle. You can then use the single hook at the top to hang the set from a wall. Alternatively, you can stand the dustpan on the floor with the broom attached.

What we like about it:

  • Adequately long handles.
  • Large capacity dustpan.
  • Easy storage on the wall or floor.