Can You Put Zoflora In Washing Machine With Clothes?

Zoflora has dozens upon dozens of uses. This popular disinfectant kills bacteria and germs on surfaces while adding a pleasant fragrance to your environment.

Zoflora is generally safe to use in most places. This includes the washing machine.

If your washing machine has a stale smell, it could be caused by a build-up of bacteria. Zoflora’s official website recommends adding two caps of undiluted Zoflora to the empty drum then run a hot cycle.

To disinfect the outside of the washing machine, add one cap of Zoflora to 400ml of water than use a cloth to wipe down the washer. Feel free to give your tumble dryer (here’s a selection of small tumble dryers) the same treatment.

What about adding Zoflora to a washing machine? Can you put Zoflora in a washing machine with clothes?

Yes, it is safe to add Zoflora to your washing machine with clothes. You just need to be careful about the amount of disinfectant you use. Remember that Zoflora is highly concentrated; a little goes a long way.

Using Zoflora in a Washing Machine

You don’t need to use Zoflora in every washing cycle. Detergent and hot water are enough to kill bacteria and germs from normal soiled laundry.

Where Zoflora’s bacteria-killing power comes in handy is when you are cleaning smelly and extra-soiled clothes such as sock, sportswear and towels.

You can also use Zoflora when washing baby clothes, bedding and clothes worn by a sick person. It’s also perfect for your pet blanket or that throw your dog loves to sleep on. Zoflora eliminates all odours as well as bacteria and germs.

To wash your clothes with zoflora, add a cap of it to the fabric conditioner drawer of your washing machine then wash your clothes using the usual cycle. For a high-capacity washing machine (9+ kg), add two capfuls. For smaller loads and small portable washing machines, use half a cap.

When used in the right quantity, Zoflora does not leave any residue in clothes.

Additional Tips

You can also use Zoflora on clothes outside the washing machine. Dilute Zoflora (1 cap for every 400ml of water) in a spray bottle and the spritz it on clothes to refresh them and get rid of stale or mouldy smells.

You can also use the spray on bedding, upholstery (including car upholstery) and other surfaces around the house.

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