How To Care For Knitwear Properly?

Knitwear tends to be more fragile than woven fabric, so it needs to be treated with more care. Here are some helpful tips for taking care of your knit clothes. Read on to learn more on how to care for knitwear.

Wash (and Dry) It Properly

Wash (and Dry) It Properly

Always check the manufacturer’s care instructions before you put a knit fabric in the washer or dryer. Manufacturers will often specify special washing instruction to avoid shrinking and other kinds of damage.

Most knitwear can be safely washed in a washing machine. But use a gentle cycle and use warm or cold water.

If your washer has a dedicated knitwear setting, use that. We also recommend using detergents specifically formulated for knitwear.

Knitwear fabrics that are safest for a washing machine include cotton, acrylic and wool. Angora and cashmere are more delicate fabrics that are best cleaned by handwashing using gentle detergents.

As for drying, the best method depends on the fabric. Stronger fabrics like cotton can withstand the dryer, but at the lowest setting.

For more fragile fabrics like cashmere and Angora, lay them flat on a towel inside the house.

Do not dry any knitwear by hanging it on a line outside. It will stretch and deform.

If you want to dry your knit sweater or jumper outside, squeeze excess moisture out using a towel then lay it flat under a shade. Never put knitwear in direct sunlight as it can fade and damage the fabric.

Tip: Do not wash – whether machine or handwashing – knitwear too often as that will wear it out quicker.

How to Prevent and Remove Bobbling

How to Prevent and Remove Bobbling

Knitwear is highly prone to bobbling. This happens when friction causes fibres to break and pile together, forming small fuzzy balls.

Bobbles can make a new cardigan look old and worn out.

To reduce the risk and severity of bobbling, wash your knitwear inside out. Also, do not wash it too often and when you do, use a gentle cycle.

But over time, bobbles inevitably develop. Luckily, they are easy to remove. Use a sweater comb or stone to gently brush way the bobbles and pilings.

An easier and faster way to get rid of bobbles is using an electric fabric shaver, also called a bobble remover.

Storing Knitwear

Never hang knitwear. It will stretch and become misshapen after some time. Instead, neatly fold the clothes and store them in a drawer or closet.

Make sure you store knitwear in a cool and dry areas away from moisture or excess heat. Check that the clothes are completely dry before folding and storing them.

Damp knitwear develops mildew and becomes smelly.