How To Clean Amtico Flooring?

So you have chosen your new Amtico flooring, you’ve had it laid and it looks wonderful. Congratulations! But now, as we all know, it won’t stay looking so beautiful and shiny and new forever – everyday life, foot traffic, pets and children will all take their toll on your lovely new flooring. However, if you keep it clean then you stand much less chance of looking at your floor with a feeling of disappointment every day. So, how to clean Amtico flooring? Let us count the ways!

What Is Amtico Flooring

Amtico flooring is a high end, quality vinyl floor covering. It is a clever solution to your flooring needs, as you can choose it in tile, wood or stone effects, and it looks astonishingly realistic. Visitors won’t know that you haven’t redone your house in very expensive natural materials (unless you tell them, of course!)

Amtico flooring is made from layers of resin, pressed down under high pressure during manufacture. This makes it highly durable and robust.

Amtico flooring has other advantages over the real thing – it is considerably cheaper to lay Amtico than it is to redo all your floors with marble, for example. Also, Amtico flooring is much easier to keep clean than a natural material, plus it is much less likely to get damaged or broken.

Benefits Of Amtico Flooring

  1. Amtico can be fitted over the vast majority of under floors, from wood to stone or concrete and just about everything in between
  2. Also, you can install Amtico over an underfloor heating system, unlike many other types of flooring.
  3. It is also very strong and durable, and you can live with it for years and years without it becoming discoloured, or warping, or developing any splits or nicks.
  4. You can even install Amtico flooring in the bathroom, as its robust construction means that it won’t react to moisture or humidity.

Best Tools For Cleaning Amtico Flooring

  • Vacuum
  • Broom
  • Dustpan and brush
  • Standard mop
  • Clean, soft cloth
  • Floorcare dressing (this is optional, but it is recommended that you use a floor sealant like this at least once a year, to keep your floor protected and looking its best).

How To Clean Amtico Flooring

You will be relieved to know that it is supremely easy to keep your Amtico flooring clean, and you won’t require any specialist cleaning products to keep it looking its sparkling best.

  • The most important thing is to sweep up dust and grime when you see it appear on your floor. Leaving any hard little bits of dust or other particles may, over time, eat away at the surface of your vinyl (though this is less of a problem with Amtico as it is with other types of vinyl, as it is strong and robust).
  • Every now and then, especially in high foot traffic areas, it is advised to give your floor a once over with the mop. This doesn’t have to be a fancy one – a standard string mop is ideal. You can use specialist Amtico cleaners, or you can just stick to your preferred cleaning fluid – either will work just fine.
  • Once a year, it is advised that you do a deep clean of your Amtico flooring. For this, it is recommended that you use an Amtico Floorcare Stripper, which will remove any ingrained dirt and debris (this comes as a ready prepared solution, and all you need to do is apply it to the floor, wait for 10 minutes then rinse it twice. After the floor is completely dry, apply the Amtico Floorcare Dressing, to bring out the natural beauty of your Amtico floor.

Amtico Floor Cleaning Dos And Don’s

Do sweep your floor with a soft bristled broom.

Don’t use a hard bristled brush, as this can damage the floor by leaving scratches.

Do sweep up daily, to avoid grinding dust and dirt into the surface of the floor.

Don’t leave piles of dust and particles lying about on the floor, as this can wear down the floor over time if it is trodden in.

Do wipe up spills when they occur. Leaving liquid on your floor will eventually discolour and damage it – even though this will take longer than with other types of flooring.

Don’t use a steam cleaner. The high temperatures can adversely affect the flooring.

Do reseal your floor once a year, to keep it looking its best.

If you fancy a few more visual tips on how to clean Amtico flooring using everyday methods and the deeper cleans, check out this video:

And this video demonstrates how to do a deep clean and seal your Amtico flooring afterwards:


Amtico flooring is a great option for your home, particularly if you dream of marble floors, tiles or natural wood but cannot afford these options. It is easy to maintain and keep clean, and it has several advantages over traditional, natural options.Now that you know how to clean Amtico floor, you can keep your home looking as beautiful as the day the floor was laid!