How To Fit Ironing Board Cover {A Very Simple Guide}

For easy and quick ironing, it’s important that the surface of the ironing board be smooth and flat without any folds or creases on the cover. But how to fit ironing board cover properly?

When you are fitting an iron board cover, make sure it stretches snugly over the ironing board. Folds on the cover, even small ones, can leave creases on your clothes when you iron.

A loose cover that doesn’t stay put will also make it harder to iron clothes.

If you are buying a replacement cover for your ironing board, here’s how to properly fit it.

Choose the Right Size

Choose the Right Size board cover

Look for an ironing board cover that’s the same size or slightly larger than your ironing board.

The cover should have elastic edges to ensure a snug fit as well as a cord and toggle or fastener to further secure the cover onto the board.

If you have a Brabantia ironing board, the manufacturer uses a coding system to match the right covers to different ironing board sizes.

The boards are labelled as sizes A, B, C or D. When buying a replacement cover from Brabantia, look for one that matches your board’s code.

Fitting the Cover

Unfold the cover and lay it on the bare ironing board. Make sure the cover is spread evenly on the board with some overhang on the sides.

Fit the elastic edges around the sides of the board. At this point, the cover should be fairly smooth and snug. But you need to secure it further to ensure it doesn’t move around when you iron.

Check one end of the cover, usually the end on the pointed end of the ironing board. You should two ends of a cord sticking out of the cover.

Pull on this cords to tighten the cover around the board. Pass the cords through the toggle that came with the cover.

Pull the cords again until the cover is sufficiently snug. Fasten the cords in place with the toggle.

Some ironing board covers have additional methods to secure the cover. Some have Velcro tabs and others have hooks that you use to secure the overhang under the ironing board.

Final Words

Whatever methods the cover uses, the goal is to make sure the surface of the ironing board is flat and smooth. Make sure the cover has no folds or creases and that it doesn’t slip or move about as you iron clothes.