How To Measure Washing Powder Without A Scoop?

A scoop allows you to measure a precise amount of powder detergent into your washing machine. Some washing powders come with a free scoop included.  Estimating the amount of powder you need will usually lead to you using too much or too little.

Too much powder is wasteful and bad for the environment. It will also leave residue on your clothes and washing machine. Too little powder won’t get your laundry cleaned properly.

But what if you don’t have a scoop? Some manufacturers are cutting down on plastics and no longer include a free scoop.

Even without a scoop, you can still measure the precise amount of powder you need. Read on to learn more about how to measure washing powder without a scoop.

Best Alternatives to a Scoop

If you check the box the detergent comes in, you’ll see the dosage instructions. It’s written how many ml/g of powder you should add to your detergent drawer. The amount varies depending on the load size, how dirty the clothes are and water hardness.

If you don’t have a scoop to measure out the dosage, use anything around that is graded such as a jug or a bottle. If you have an old baby bottle that’s no longer in use, it’s perfect for measuring the right amount of powder detergent.

Alternatively, use something whose capacity is known. For instance, a standard coffee scoop has a capacity of about 30ml. Depending on the amount of powder required, you can add half a scoop, one and a half scoops and so on. Make sure the powder is level.

If you don’t have a coffee scoop or don’t want to use the only one you have for detergent, a normal dinner spoon will do. A tablespoon holds about 15ml of powder. If the instructions call for 30ml of detergent, scoop out two tablespoons of powder.

Another option is a measuring spoon such as those used in baking. These measuring spoons have an exact capacity so you can measure a precise amount of powder.

Switch to Liquid Detergent

If you find it hard to measure washing powder, consider switching to liquid detergents. Liquid detergent pods are the easiest to use.

You don’t need to measure anything at all. Just throw a pod or two (depending on load size) in the washing machine drum.

Liquid detergents that come in bottles are also easy to use. Most of them have caps that you can use to measure the right amount of detergent. Others come with a dosing ball. Here is our selection of some of the best smelling detergents on the UK market.

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