How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning?

Whether you are waiting for a professional carpet cleaner or planning to clean the carpet yourself, there are a few things you need to do to prepare. Read on to learn more on how to prepare for carpet cleaning.

1. Clear Clutter

Do not wait until it is time to clean before you start removing all the toys and clutter strewn all over the carpet.

Remove small items like toys and coins as they can be sucked up during vacuuming. Also remove any pieces of clothes, stationery, books and cables

2. Remove Furniture

Next, remove all furniture sitting on the carpet to ensure the entire carpet is exposed for thorough cleaning.

If you’ve hired a carpet cleaner, most will help you move heavy pieces of furniture such as the couch. But you can deal with the smaller pieces such as stools.

If you are cleaning the carpet yourself using a portable carpet cleaner, use your judgment on which pieces of furniture to remove.

You may prefer to only clean the high-traffic areas or cover the entire carpet. For pieces with enough clearance underneath such as a table, your carpet cleaner may be able to clean underneath, meaning you don’t have to move it

3. Analyse the Carpet

Analyse the Carpet

Take time to analyse the state of your carpet, paying particular attention to the type and severity of stains and checking which areas seem dirtiest.

This helps you describe to the carpet cleaner exactly what kind of cleaning you want and whether there are any particular areas they should pay more attention to.

If you are cleaning the carpet yourself, a pre-cleaning analysis tells you where to spend more time with the carpet cleaner.

A thorough check of the carpet can uncover tears, fraying and other damages you should address immediately before they get worse

4. Pre-treat Stains

This applies if you plan to clean the carpet yourself. Most professional carpet cleaners will handle the entire cleaning process themselves, from pre-treatment to the actual cleaning.

Pre-treatment can help with tough stains such as pet stains and old stains. You can pre-treat with a stain pre-treat formula or a DIY cleaning solution such as baking soda.

After pre-treatment, it’s much easier to remove the stain

5. Get Draperies Out of the Way

If you have floor-length curtains, find a way to lift them higher.

This prevents the fabric from getting damp when the carpet is being cleaned and ensures you or the pros can reach every inch of the carpet without a problem.

It also protects your draperies from any harsh chemicals used on the carpet.

6. Keep Your Kids Away

This is important if you’ve hired a carpet cleaning company. Having kids running around when the carpet is being cleaned is not only disruptive for the pros, it can also be hazardous for the kids.

Make sure your kids know to stay away from the room while the pros are working. For younger kids who may not understand your instructions, you may have to lock the door to the living room.

If possible, schedule a carpet cleaning when the kids are in school or away on a trip.

7. Keep Your Pets Away

Keep Your Pets Away

It’s not just kids who can be a nuisance during carpet cleaning; pets can be an issue to. Like kids, pets running in and out of the room will prevent the cleaners from doing their job right.

In some cases, your dog can be a danger to the carpet cleaners. If your pet has an aggressive side, secure it somewhere away from the room. Some carpet cleaning companies will not enter your home if there’s a dog on the loose

8. Be Around

Finally, try your best to be around during carpet cleaning. Most carpet cleaning companies offer flexible scheduling, letting you choose the most convenient time for the pros to come to your home.

Being around allows you to point out where the pros should focus their attention such as the couple of tough stains you’ve been trying for months to get rid of or high-traffic areas.

It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions you may have about carpet maintenance.

In addition, the cleaners may need your help preparing the room for carpet cleaning.