How To Remove Radiator Cover For Cleaning?

On average, Brits spend 92% of their time indoors. This figure goes significantly higher during winter.

A radiator that does not get cleaned frequently accumulates dust and debris, increasing the cases of respiratory infections, asthma and allergies due to poor indoor air quality.

Build up of lint and other particles also shortens the lifespan of a radiator and can pose a fire risk.

To clean your radiator, you must first remove the lid in order to access the slats where dust and other particles collect. No need to ram toothbrushes through the grill anymore. Here’s how to remove radiator cover for cleaning

How To Remove Radiator Cover?

how to remove radiator cover

Most radiators have a similar build. With two panels on either side, they can each be removed to access the grilles. The side panels have a button on the top, bottom, or both. To remove the panels;

  1. Push the right panel from the bottom, while pulling from the top.
  2. Repeat this procedure on the left panel.
  3. The grille cover should come off easily now.

Other radiators, however, have a single panel holding down the grilles. There are two models of the single panel radiator.

The first type is one in which the grooves don’t go all the way to the back of the radiator. This type is pretty easy and straightforward to open. You may need to use a screwdriver at the bottom of the panel to pop the hinges open. Once it’s up you can easily lift the top grille up.

The second type is where the metal panel wraps around all the way to the back of the radiator.

Most of these have a clip on the back which dips into the radiator grilles and connects at the end with a spring clip. To access the grilles;

  1. Use a  long screwdriver, to release this spring clip and while there, wedge the screwdriver between the grilles and the radiator to loosen it a bit.
  2. With the screwdriver in place, go back to the side with the knob and give it a tug with another screwdriver until the plastic bits come off.
  3. Pop open both sides now and feel free to use your screwdriver where it feels a bit stiff, careful not to damage anything.

How To Clean A Radiator?

After removing the radiator cover, it’s easy to do a thorough cleaning.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the coarser bits.

Then use a radiator cleaning brush to go through all the slats. These brushes are specially designed not to scratch the radiator and are long and narrow to reach the bottom of the radiator.

You can also use a radiator brush to clean behind the radiator.

Use a soft microfiber cloth dipped in warm soapy water to clean the exterior of the radiator.

Can You Pour Water In Your Radiator?

The short answer is no.

Pouring water down the radiator could lead to damage of essential radiator components. However, you may use a spray bottle to moisten the dust and prevent it from flying around. This is only if your radiator is open at the bottom.

Can You Clean Your Radiator Without Removing The Top?

Most  radiator manufacturers require that you remove the top before cleaning. This is because most grille covers have narrow spaces which make it nearly impossible to clean properly with a brush.

To get a thorough clean, you need to remove the cover.