How To Steam Clothes Without A Steamer?

When you dress to impress, it’s important that your best outfit is wrinkle free, so it looks its best. You wouldn’t go for a night out wearing dirty clothes, and you shouldn’t go out in an outfit you’ve left scrunched up in the bottom of the wardrobe for months either.

Wrinkles and creases can make even the loveliest dress look less than lovely, and can change the shape and fall of it so it doesn’t fit so well and is less flattering. Steaming the creases out of an outfit is the finishing touch, which turns it from a good, to a great outfit.

But if you don’t even own an iron, let alone a clothes steamer, how will you achieve this sleek, groomed look? How to steam clothes without a steamer?

How To Steam Clothes Without A Steamer

steaming clothes

  1. A great and simple hack is to turn a household item into a makeshift iron. Take a regular metal pot, make sure the bottom is clean as can be, then fill it with hot water. Tip the water out, then run the pot over your clothes, having first sprinkled them with water. The heat from the bottom of the pan heating up the water on the clothes will create enough steam to remove the wrinkles from your favourite clothes, and if it gets cool before you’ve finished, simply repeat the process.
  2. Another easy tip is to hang your clothes in a steamy shower (not IN the actual shower!) for about 15 minutes, and by the time you’ve finished washing your hair your outfit will look smooth and wrinkle free.
  3. Ok, so this one is not steam related – but it should be included because it’s so effective! White vinegar is an ingredient that usually lurks around in the back of cupboards, but did you know it can also be used to de-wrinkle clothes? Add one part vinegar to three parts water in a spray bottle, and mist your outfit with it. Air dry the clothes, and the creases will all have vanished. And don’t worry – white vinegar doesn’t smell strongly so you won’t smell like a salad dressing.
  4. If there is just one tiny area that has a wrinkle or two, then you can actually use your hair straighteners on it. Simply sprinkle a little water on the crease, press the straighteners closed over the area and smooth them as you would your hair, and watch the wrinkles disappear.
  5. Another unlikely hairdressing tool that can help remove wrinkles is a hair dryer. Turn your dryer onto its highest settings and point it at your creased clothing, and before long the wrinkles and creases should disappear.
  6. Adding a couple of ice cubes to your dryer to create steam on your drying cycle will remove the creases and wrinkles from anything you put into that dryer. You can also use a dampened sock, or a cloth that you have run under the tap then wrung out.
  7. Fancy a cup of tea? Boil a kettle, then hang your chosen garment in the steam from the spout. The wrinkles will fade away before your very eyes (and the added bonus is that you get a nice cuppa out of it!)

Steaming clothes at home, even without a steamer, is easy and gets great results. You don’t need fancy equipment or lots of money, and you can still get smooth, wrinkle free clothing.

You can even do it away from home in a pinch – if you are out and about and you discover a stray wrinkle, you can just dab a little water on it and hold it under a hand dryer.

They key is to create steam by heating up water, which relaxes the fibres so that they slip back into their natural, un-wrinkled state. As long as you can do this safely, then you can steam your clothes, wherever you are.

Final Words

Whether you’ve never owned a steamer, or yours has bitten the dust just as you were planning to use it to make your clothes look perfect for that big night out or business meeting, you can save the situation instantly using any one of these tips. It’s so easy to steam clothes without a steamer that you may not ever bother replacing that steamer or buying a new one!