How To Choose The Best Radiator Cleaning Brush?

Radiators can be difficult to clean because of all the narrow hard-to-reach spaces. Dust, hair, lint and allergens can quickly build up in the radiator, affecting its heat output and reducing indoor air quality.

A build up of lint and dust inside the radiator is also a fire hazard.

The easiest way to keep your radiator clean and dust-free is using a radiator cleaning brush.

These specialised brushes are designed to get in between the radiator columns to remove dust and other particles.

In this buying guide, we recommend the best radiator cleaning brushes on the UK market at the moment, and give you tips on how to choose the right one for your radiator.

Tip: Radiator cleaning brushes are good for more than cleaning your radiator. You can use the brush to clean hard-to-reach crevices in dryers, washing machines, stair rails and other areas.

What to Look For in a Radiator Cleaning Brush

A. Narrow Design

For obvious reasons, a radiator cleaning brush must be narrow. Some brushes have a tapered design that gets narrower towards the end. This gives you a deeper reach inside vents, between the radiator columns, and behind the radiator.

The narrow design also comes in handy when cleaning other tight nooks like air dryer vents, shelves, behind appliances and other narrow spaces.

B. Long

The best radiator cleaning brushes have a combined length of about 80cm (handle + brush head). This gives you plenty of reach deep inside the radiator.

A longer radiator brush is also more versatile. You can use it to clean most deep nooks and crevices around your home.

C. Flexible

When cleaning a radiator, you’ll often need to bend and twist the brush to access some tight spots. A flexible brush is essential.

It should be flexible but strong enough that it won’t snap off.

A flexible brush is also great for dusting other hard-to-reach areas, and you can even clean around corners.

D. Brush Material

microfibre is the best material for cleaning dust, hair and other small particles from surfaces. It attracts dust better than other materials such as cotton, and traps more of it within its fibres.

That’s why the best radiator cleaning brushes have a microfibre brush head. If you are on a budget, you can try a nylon cleaning brush though it won’t be as good at removing dust. Where nylon bristles perform better is in scrubbing off stubborn dirt and buildup.

By the way, most radiator brushes are safe to wash under a tap. You will not damage the brush head by exposing it to water. But let it dry completely before you use it again.

E. Comfortable to Hold

Finally, look for a brush with a comfortable handle. The handle should be long enough (20cm is ideal) so that you can grip it comfortably in your hand, and move the brush around with ease.

Also, check if the handle has a hole or slot for hanging. This makes storage easy.

Best Radiator Cleaning Brushes: Top 5 Reviews

1. AIEVE Radiator Cleaner Brush


The AIEVE radiator cleaning brush is one of the most popular and highest rated ones on Amazon. Customers love it for its ease of use, great design and versatility.

With an extra narrow brush head measuring just two inches wide, the AIEVE has no trouble getting into those tight spaces between radiator columns and inside vents.

The brush is 80cm long, handle and brush head included, making it easy to get into the deepest of crevices. It’s also very flexible, making it easier to clean awkward spaces and around obstacles.

The bristles are made from nylon. They do a great job scrubbing down dusty surfaces and loosening any stubborn buildup.

The brush handle is made from wood. It feels comfortable in your hand.

As with most radiator cleaning brushes, the AIEVE is great for general home cleaning. It’s perfect for cleaning any space that’s narrow and hard to reach.

The nylon bristles are safe for most surfaces, and a rubber tip at the end of the brush head ensures you don’t scuff or scratch anything.

What we like about it:

  • Long and flexible.
  • Long Lasting nylon bristles.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comfortable wooden handle with hanging rope.

2. Holikme Radiator Cleaner Brush, 2 Pack


The Holikme radiator cleaner brush is the best value for money. For a low price, you get two high quality brushes to clean your radiator and other hard to reach areas.

Each brush is 76cm long with a comfortable wooden handle and a durable metal core for the brush head.

As for the bristles, the manufacturer doesn’t specify the material. But they are thick and firm. This is a good thing if you are scrubbing down dirt and grime stuck to the inside of the radiator.

But they are not the best for getting dust and lint off the radiator.

The steel core holding the bristles is flexible and can be bent to clean inside pipe bends and around obstacles.

The brush head is narrower than in most radiator brushes, measuring just 1.8 inches wide. Since the bristles are flexible, you can clean spaces as narrow as 1 inch. This is handy for radiators with extra narrow gaps.

What we like about it:

  • Extra-narrow for better reach in tight areas.
  • Stiff bristles that are good for loosening stubborn dirt.
  • Two pack – good value for money.
  • Flexible brush head.

3. The Original Home Valet® Flexible Microfibre Radiator Brush


If you prefer a microfibre brush, we recommend this fluffy one by The Original Home Valet.

It’s a bit pricier than other radiator brushes, but worth it if you want to keep your radiator dust and lint free.

The soft microfibre bristles pick up dust much more easily compared to nylon bristles. And as long as you remove the brush carefully, it traps all that dust within the bristles.

You can then rinse it under a faucet to clean off the dust. You can also vacuum it.

If you have a radiator that has not been cleaned for months or years, or you get a lot of dust in your home, The Original Home Valet microfibre radiator brush is a great choice.

At 80cm in length, the brush is long enough for standard radiators in the UK. It’s also the perfect length for dusting behind furniture, under appliances and other hidden areas that often go uncleaned for months.

What we like about it:

  • Very good at picking up dust and dirt.
  • Narrow and long.
  • Easy to clean.

4. JML RadiClean Flexible Multi-Purpose Radiator Duster


Shopping on a budget? The JML RadiClean radiator duster is one of the cheapest radiator cleaning brushes.

Note that it’s a bit thicker than other radiator brushes, and many customers say they had trouble getting it to fit some narrow spaces.

But it does fit in some vents and behind the radiator.

Tip: If your radiator has a grill on top, take it off to access the vents for easier cleaning. Most radiator brushes cannot fit through the grill holes.

The JML radiator duster uses what the manufacturer calls ‘netted yarn’ for the bristles. They are not as good as microfiber at dusting, but they are good enough for regular radiator dusting.

The yarn bristles have a static charge that attracts dust and other particles.

Cleaning the JML radiator brush is easy. Simply shake it to remove trapped dust or rinse it under a tap.

What we like about it:

  • Cheap.
  • Good for everyday cleaning.
  • Long and flexible.
  • Easy to clean.

5. Smith’s Multipurpose Microfibre Radiator Cleaning Brush


The Smith’s radiator cleaning brush is another good choice if you prefer microfibre bristles. It’s great at picking up dust, lint and other particles that have built up inside the radiator.

It also clears cobwebs that have formed behind and under the radiator.

With its long 80cm reach, you can easily clean deep inside right spaces. The brush head is super flexible, so don’t worry about accessing hidden areas around bends and corners.

The microfibre bristles on the Smith’s radiator cleaning brush are also great for getting cobwebs from your ceiling and behind furniture, and dusting other hard to reach areas around the house.

Once you are done, you can clean the Smith’s brush under a tap. Let it dry completely before using it again.

What we like about it:

  • Multiple colour options.
  • Microfibre bristles are great at collecting dust.
  • Long and flexible brush head.
  • Easy to clean under a tap.