Why Isn’t My Washing Machine Taking The Fabric Conditioner?

The washing machine not dispensing fabric softener is usually a minor problem that you can solve yourself. All you need to do is figure out where the issue could be.

In some cases, none of the conditioner dispenses. You open the detergent drawer after a wash only to find the conditioner compartment just as full as when the cycle began.

In other cases, only some of the conditioner dispenses and your laundry doesn’t get the full benefits of a fabric softener.

Here are common reasons why your washing machine is not taking the fabric conditioner, and what to do in each case. So why isn’t my washing machine taking the fabric conditioner?

Low Water Pressure

why isn't my washing machine taking the fabric conditioner

If there’s no water coming into the washing machine, it’ll show an error before it even begins the cycle. If there’s water coming in, but at a low pressure, it’ll likely wash clothes as normal. However, at the end, you may notice that none or only some of the fabric conditioner has been dispensed.

Low water pressure can prevent fabric conditioner from draining properly. Check that the water pressure in your house is good. If it’s normal, the problem could be an obstruction in the inlet hose screen or filter.

Debris and scale can build up on the screen over time, preventing water from rushing in at the right pressure. Check your user manual for instructions on how to access the inlet filters and clean them.

Blocked Dispenser

Fabric conditioner quickly solidifies if left exposed. That might have happened in the fabric conditioner compartment.

Each cycle, a bit of conditioner may remain in the compartment (this is normal). As remnant softener builds up during every wash cycle, it solidifies and blocks the automatic dispenser.

At first, you’ll notice that only part of the conditioner is dispensed. After some time, the washing machine stops taking any of it.

Remove the dispenser tray and wash it with warm water to remove any solidified detergent and conditioner. For stubborn build-ups, try using a sponge or an old toothbrush. Rinse away the loose bits.

Return the tray to the washing machine and run another cycle to see if that fixes the problem.

To prevent this from happing again, rinse the detergent drawer after every wash cycle. It’ll only take a minute.

Fabric Conditioner Too Thick

If you are sure the water pressure is right and the detergent drawer is clean, the problem could be the fabric softener you are using.

Fabric conditioners generally have a thick consistency. But some tend to be too thick, and this can prevent the conditioner from dispensing completely. This is a common problem with ultra-concentrated fabric conditioners.

Try diluting the conditioner with water. Add half the usual amount of conditioner in the compartment and then top it up with the same amount of water, being careful not to go above the fill line.

The thinner consistency of the conditioner should help it drain more easily.

Alternatively, try using another brand.

Washing Machine Not Level

The other possible reason your washing machine is not taking fabric conditioner is that it may not be level.

If the washing machine is tilted, the fabric conditioner will not drain properly.

Most washing machines have height-adjustable feet. Adjust them until the washing machine sits level. Also, check that the washing machine is sitting on a hard, level floor.