AEG AG71a RapidClean Review

AEG AG71a RapidClean Review
  • Performance - 85
  • Design - 80
  • Noise - 85
  • Maintenance - 85
  • Ease of Use - 90


The RapidClean has all the advantages of a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner and almost none of its limitations. If you want a handheld vac that can run as long as you want and produce adequate suction, go for the AEG RapidClean.

The AEG AG71a RapidClean is one of the few handheld vacuum cleaner models that are corded. It does not have a built-in battery hence you have to connect it to the mains. This comes with the obvious advantage of unlimited runtime. You never have to worry about the battery dying in the middle of dusting your sofa or carpeting.

Because it is not powered by a battery, it has surprisingly powerful suction for its size. Combined with the provided cleaning accessories, you’ll have no problem cleaning even the most stubborn and hidden dirt. See our full review below.

AEG AG71a RapidClean Review

What I like

  • Powerful suction
  • Highly portable
  • Accessories included
  • Good value for money

What I don’t like

  • Only mains operated
  • Heavier than competition

What Are You Buying?

1. Mains operated

Most handheld vacuum cleaners rely on a rechargeable battery for power. This reduces the maximum amount of suction power they can produce and severely limits their runtime. You can barely get 15 minutes out of most models before they need a recharge.

The RapidClean doesn’t have any of these challenges. It comes with a 6-meter cable that connects to a standard socket. The extra-long cable provides the flexibility of a cordless model but without its limitations.

You can clean an entire flight of stairs or your car’s full interior with ease.

Another big advantage of being corded is power. Most users say the RapidClean is almost as powerful as some upright models. It can pick up pet hair, stuck dirt and just about any kind of debris without any problem.

If you are considering a cordless vacuum cleaner but are worried about lack of suction, the RapidClean is a great alternative. You will not have exactly the same level of flexibility as a cordless model but it’s still much better than a cumbersome upright vacuum cleaner.

2. Compact and lightweight

At 2.6kg, the RapidClean is slightly heavier than the heftiest handheld cordless models which range between 2 and 2.3kg in weight. But most users describe it as light and easy to carry around.

There is a big difference in carrying a conventional vacuum and the RapidClean down the stairs. With the RapidClean, you can lift and twist it to reach corners and high spots that an upright vacuum wouldn’t reach.

As for size, the RapidClean keeps things lean and compact. If you are buying it for your car, it doesn’t take up much space. It even comes with storage for the long cable to ensure you save as much space as possible.

3. Stubborn brush visor

The main cleaning implement of the RapidClean is a stubborn brush visor. When engaged, it allows you to easily clean pet hair, stuck bits of food and deep-seated dust. If you are cleaning the stairs, it comes in handy if there is mud left behind by shoes.

4. Bagless with 0.6 Litre Bin

The RapidClean doesn’t come with any messy bags that you have to keep on replacing. Instead, dust and debris is collected inside a 0.6 litre cylinder. This is not too big but good enough for cleaning the stairs, upholstery and small surfaces.

Emptying the cylinder is easy work.

How Easy Is It To Use?

aeg ag71a rapidclean reviewThe RapidClean is really easy to use. Just plug it in and it’s good to go. The long cable allows you to move about and reach awkward corners with ease. If you need extra flexibility, just attach the hose and add the crevice tool to reach tight spaces.

Removing and cleaning the dust bin takes no time. The only bit of work involved is regularly checking the microfiber filter and washing it when necessary.

What Accessories Are Included?

The RapidClean handheld vacuum cleaner comes with two accessories. The stretch hose comes in handy when you need to reach further. You can combine it with the crevice nozzle to reach tight spaces such as stair corners, between seat cushions, under the handbrake, the footwells and any other spot the regular head cannot reach.


  • Highly portable.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Accessories included.
  • Good value for money.


  • Cannot be used when there is no power.
  • With 2.6kg, it’s heavier than competition

Anything Else You Should Know?

It is important that you regularly check the filter. If it gets clogged the vacuum will lose some suction power and some dirt may leak out.

As most users report, the filter accumulates dust pretty quickly so you have to check it often and clean it.


The RapidClean has all the advantages of a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner and almost none of its limitations. If you want a handheld vac that can run as long as you want and produce adequate suction, go for the AEG RapidClean.

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