How To Choose The Best Small Tumble Dryer?

If you don’t have the space for a full size tumble dryer (in your garage or house), you can get a compact mini dryer that takes up less space.

Compact tumble dryers typically have a capacity of less than 5kg with some going as low as 2.5kg. They are great if you need to dry small loads of laundry. They are also idea for tiny homes, small apartments, dorm rooms, motor homes and boats.

In this buying guide, we review and compare the bet small tumble dryers you can buy online in the UK.

Key Considerations When Buying a Small Tumble Dryer

A. Drying Capacity

The ideal drying capacity depends on your laundry situation. If you often wash large loads, get a dryer with a bigger capacity of about 4-5kg. Couples and small families will also benefit from more drying capacity.

For larger families, look for a compact 7kg tumble dryer.

If you live alone and only wash a few clothes at a time, a smaller 2.5kg or 3kg dryer will do.

B. Type of Dryer

You can get a vented, condenser or heat pump tumble dryer.

Virtually all the small tumble dryers (under 5kg) you are going to come across are the vented type. They work by lifting moisture of clothes and expelling it through a hose.

You’ll need to position the dryer near a window through which you can stick the vent hose when the dryer is working.

If you cannot vent the dryer through a window, a condenser box is another option. It essentially converts your vented dryer into a condenser dryer, eliminating the need to stick a hose through the window.

Alternatively, just get a condenser tumble dryer. This type of dryer collects moisture and condenses it into water. This gives you the freedom to set up the dryer anywhere since you don’t need to vent it.

On the downside, condenser dryers start at 7kg capacity. It’s hard to find a mini model with a 5kg or less capacity. Condenser dryers are also more expensive then vented dryers.

Heat pump tumble dryers work by condensing water and re-using air. They are more efficient than vented and condenser dryers. But you are very unlikely to find a small heat pump tumble dryer.

C. Size

If the main reason you are buying a small tumble dryer is lack of space, make sure you check the dimensions of the dryer before you order. Compare its size to the amount of space you have to ensure it’ll fit.

A 4kg tumble dryer will typically measure 49cm wide, 48cm deep and 67cm high. Smaller 2.5kg tumble dryers measure around 49cm wide, 41cm deep and 58cm high.

D. Controls

Most small tumble dryers offer heat and time controls. The heat control will usually be a simple switch or dial for low heat and high heat. The timer control is often a dial for setting the number of minutes.

Some models have a helpful guide for how long to set the timer based on load size and type of fabric.

More advanced models have pre-set programs for things like quick dry, cupboard dry, extra dry, cotton, delicates and so on. You simply select the right program and the dryer set the ideal temperature and time.

Another setting to look for is air dry. This program removes dust and lint from clothes, fluffs them up and reduces creasing.

E. Reverse Action

We recommend buying a tumble dryer with reverse action. This is where the drum spins in both directions.

Reverse action reduces electricity use as well as stretching and creasing.

F. Energy Class

Finally, check the energy class of the tumble dryer. You can find this in the product description or product fiche.

Energy class tells you how energy efficient the dryer is. Most small tumble dryers rank low in terms of efficiency, with most being in energy class C.

Energy efficient models will be in energy class B, A or higher.

The better the rating, the less electricity the tumble dryer uses.

Best Small Tumble Dryers: Top 5 Reviews

1. Hotpoint V4D01P Tumble Dryer, 4kg


The Hotpoint V4D01P is a great compromise for those who want a space-saving dryer that can hold a decent amount of clothes.

With a 4kg drying capacity, the Hotpoint V4D01P is perfect for individuals, couples and small families.

It measures 49cm wide and 48cm deep, so it can easily fit in a corner. And with a height of just 67cm, you should be able to nestle it under a window.

This is a vented dryer, so you’ll need to locate it close to a window or door. For homeowners, you can vent it permanently through a hole in the wall.

The controls are pretty simple and easy to use. A button lets you switch between low heat and high heat while a dial lets you select the drying time.

If you are not sure how much time to set or what heat level is ideal, refer to the guide printed at the front of the dryer. It recommends the best settings for different loads and fabrics.

The Hotpoint V4D01P features reverse action to prevent creasing and stretching of clothes, so don’t worry when you hear the motor stop and start again every now and then.

Talking of the motor, the Hotpoint V4D01P is moderately noisy with a noise level of about 66 dB. You’ll probably need to turn up the TV, but you won’t bother your neighbours.

What we like about it:

  • Enough capacity for couples and small families.
  • Compact fit.
  • Reverse action drum.
  • Easy to use control panel.

2. Technix TKDV25W 2.5KG Compact Tumble Dryer


If you need a dryer just for yourself, this 2.5kg vented tumble dryer from Technix is perfect.

The Technix TKDV25W tumble dryer can hold about 10 t-shirts or a couple of denim jeans. It’s great if you tend to do your laundry in small bits. You can dry about two days’ worth of laundry at a go.

Thanks to its smaller capacity, the Technix TKDV25W can easily fit in compact spaces. It measures 49cm wide, 41.5cm deep and 58cm high.

You can place it on the floor, on a table or on the kitchen countertop. The most important thing is to have it near a window or door to vent the moist air through.

The controls are super simple. You can select between high and low heat using a button. A timer dial allows you to set the time for three different programs: cool, hot and air dry.

The Technix TKDV25W features reverse action.

What we like about it:

  • Ultra-compact design for small spaces.
  • Multiple programs and heat levels.
  • Easy to operate.

3. Cookology Mini Tabletop Black Compact Vented Tumble Dryer, 2.5kg

Cookology Mini Tabletop Black Compact Vented Tumble Dryer


Cookology is another excellent choice for those who want an extra-compact tumble dryer.

The 2.5kg Cookology tumble dryer is designed to sit on a table or countertop, though you can definitely put it on the floor if that’s what works for your situation. The unit measures 49.5cm wide, 41.5cm deep and 58.5cm high.

If you don’t have any tabletop or floor space to spare, you can mount the Cookology tumble dryer on the wall. It even comes with a mounting kit.

Wherever you install it, make sure you can vent it outside. This can be through a hole in the wall, a door or a window.

If you have no way to vent it outside, get a condenser kit or box.

The easy to use control panel has the usual timer and heat controls. You can set high heat or low heat and turn the timer to select a hot, cool or air dry mode.

The Cookology is fairly quiet, with a noise level of 57 dB. If you live with a light sleeper, Cookology is the best compact tumble dryer.

One limitation of the Cookology tumble dryer is that it lacks reverse tumble action. Bigger items like bedsheets and hoodies can get tangled.

To prevent creasing, we recommend finishing the cycle with a few minutes of air drying.

What we like about it:

  • Ultra-compact design – great for small spaces.
  • Multiple setup options – floor, tabletop or wall-mounted.
  • Low noise level.
  • Easy to use controls.

4. Electra TDC7100S 7Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer


If you want a condenser tumble dryer, you’ll have to settle for a bigger size. Make sure you have the space for it.

One of the best compact condenser tumble dryers is the Electra TDC7100S. It has a 7kg capacity drum, making it a good choice for families.

The Electra dryer measures 59.6cm wide, 56.3cm deep and 84.5cm deep. It’s significantly bigger and taller than 4kg tumble dryers.

The Electra TDC7100S is a condenser type dryer. That mean you don’t have to worry about locating it close to a window.

Moisture from clothes is condensed in an easy-to-empty tank.

Being an Energy Class B dryer, the Electra TDC7100S uses less electricity than the other smaller Class C models. If you are looking to save on electricity costs, this is the dryer to get.

Another advantage of the Electra TDC7100S over the smaller tumble dryers is that it offers more controls and options.

The main dial menu doesn’t just include selections for time, but also specific programs including cupboard dry, extra-dry, easy iron, delicates and so on. These pre-sets make it easy to select the right settings for your clothes and reduces the risk of over or under-drying them.

A second control panel lets you set a delay timer, level of drying and anti-crease mode.

The Electra TDC7100S costs more than 2.5kg and 4kg tumble dryers, but you get to dry more clothes and plenty of settings to dry your clothes exactly the way you want.

What we like about it:

  • Large capacity – great for families.
  • Vent-free condenser drying technology.
  • Plenty of option and settings.
  • Quiet and energy-saving.

5. Indesit IS41V Freestanding C Rated Vented Tumble Dryer

Indesit IS41V Freestanding C Rated Vented Tumble Dryer


The Indesit IS41V is another good choice if you are looking for a 4kg tumble dryer. The 4kg capacity makes it a good choice for individuals, couples and small families.

The Indesit IS41V measures 49cm wide, 48cm deep and 67cm high, so it should easily fit in small spaces.

It comes with a flexible vent hose that connects to the front of the dryer. It also includes a fluff filter to trap lint and fluff from your clothes.

The Indesit IS41V’s control panel features the usual heat and timer settings. You can select between low and high heat and turn the dial to set the drying time. A handy guide printed on the dryer tells you how much time and what heat level to set for different loads and fabrics.

The drum has a reverse tumble action to prevent tangling and creasing.

What we like about it:

  • Enough capacity for couples and small families.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Reverse action.