How To Clean Cream Leather Sofa?

A cream leather sofa is a beautiful thing. When you first bring it back from the store it will add an air of class and style to any room, and it will be a comfortable dream of a ting to sit on too. However. No one can hear the word “cream” in relation to furnishings without a shudder of terror – how do you keep such a thing clean? How do you maintain the beautiful look of a cream leather sofa in a normal day to day household where mess and damage is not only potential, but a real danger?

Fear not. We are here to tell you how to clean cream leather sofa – and how to KEEP it clean, with minimal effort on your part, so that it still looks good no matter how long you have had it, and no matter how many children or dogs or cats walk along it on a daily basis!

How To Clean Cream Leather Sofa?

As a general routine of maintenance, it is important to keep your sofa clean and free from crumbs, dust and dirt. When you do your vacuuming, use a soft bristle attachment and give your sofa a once over too.

Wipe up any spills immediately, to reduce the risk of the leather becoming discoloured or stained.

Every few months, it is advised to give your sofa a really good clean. You can use shop bought sofa leather cleaners and follow the instructions, or you could use this handy little tip:

  • Take 1tsp of dish soap an add it to 4 cups of distilled water. Swirl it gently to combine the soap and water.
  • Wipe down the entire sofa, including between the cushions and the seams. Take care not to soak the sofa when you do this; squeeze out the cloth between applications and just wipe with the cloth damp.
  • Dry any residue with a clean, lint free cloth.
  • Moisturise the leather afterwards – use 1 cup of distilled white vinegar mixed with 2 cups of linseed oil.
  • Gently rub this mixture into the leather with another soft dry cloth, then leave the leather to absorb the oil for about half an hour.
  • Buff the sofa with another dry cloth, to bring up its natural shine.

What To Clean Leather Sofa With?

Although the market is flooded with specialist products that promise to clean your sofa beautifully and perfectly (for a pretty price tag,obviously!) you can actually clean your cream leather sofa very effectively using a variety of household items that you probably have lying around in your cupboards.

When you are about to clean your leather sofa, it is important that you do a patch test on an inconspicuous area first, so that you don’t accidentally end up staining your entire sofa!

Everyday cleaning

  • You don’t actually have to use all that much of anything to keep your sofa looking its best, but you can wipe it down with diluted dish soap once a week after you have vacuumed it, to maintain its look and cleanliness.
  • Adding tea tree essential oil to your washing water will kill off any germs, and also remove any lingering odours that you notice on your furniture.

Dealing with spills

It is important to treat any spills as quickly as you can, to prevent them setting into the leather and becoming impossible to remove.

  • General spills and stains can be treated by rubbing in a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and cream of tartar. Let this mixture sit on the stain for 15 minutes before removing.
  • For greasy or oily stains, mix mild soap and water to clean the area, after you have wiped away any greasy residue.
  • Pen marks can be removed with rubbing alcohol – this may take a little patience, but it is possible to remove an entire stain as if it had never been there.
  • For spilled candle wax, heat the area with a hair dryer and gently wipe the wax away with a clean cloth. Treat the area  with diluted dish sop after you have removed the wax.

Can You Steam Clean Leather Sofa?

You can use a steam cleaner on your leather sofa safely, because the vast majority of steam cleaners can be used on just about fabric there is. Just make sure that you choose the right setting, so you don’t accidentally damage the leather! Luckily, leather is a hard wearing natural substance, so it should stand up to a bit of hard cleaning.

Steam cleaning is great because it not only cleans your sofa, but because it uses very hot steam for cleaning, it also kills germs and bacteria. It won’t necessarily get the smell of the dog out of the cushions, but it will ensure that your sofa is clean and germ free!

For a little extra tuition, here is a video on how to clean your cream leather sofa:

This is another good video – don’t be put off by the fact that many of the furniture featured is not cream; the tips on how to clean leather in general is what we’re looking at:

Final Words

A comfy cream leather sofa can give a really nice, classy look to your living room. You may have been put off getting one in the past because you were worried about how to keep it clean; but now you now how to clean cream leather sofa you can get one in every room of your house, if you like!