Vileda Steam Mop Review

Vileda Steam Mop Review
  • Performance - 90
  • Design - 80
  • Noise - 90
  • Maintenance - 85
  • Ease of Use - 85


A handy, stripped down and back to basics steam cleaner, the Vileda steam mop is ideal for anyone who simply wants clean hard floors. The Vileda steamer is refreshingly simple yet highly efficient and functional.

Hey folks, are you looking for a simple, affordable steam mop that will make short work of your floors? Sure, this particular steamer may not have the accessories or even the flexibility of other cleaners, but it’s damn good at the one job it’s actually designed to do. Take a knee my fellow germaphobes, because I’m about to bare it all in this frank and candid Vileda Steam Mop review.

Vileda Steam Mop Review

What I like

  • Lightest steam mop
  • Longer handle
  • Very user friendly
  • Affordable

What I don’t like

  • Lack of additional tools
  • Heavier than competition

What Are You Buying?

Vileda is widely known for their home cleaning expertise. The brand’s uncanny ability to unite superior fibre technology with the power of steam cleaning still remains a marvel even for competitors. That said, let’s look at their latest and most popular brainchild. The Vileda Steam Mop is a fast and light way to get your floors and carpets hygienically cleaned.

These guys aren’t joking when they say light. Even after assembling it, the Vileda Mop is hands down the lightest steam mop on the market at only 2.5 Kg. However, I have to admit that I was taken aback by how tall the damn thing was. But after a few rounds with the mop, I understood why the manufacturer gave it some extra handle length. At least now I can reach under tables and behind furniture without any heavy lifting.

Now, here’s where Vileda stands head and shoulders above the rest (pun intended). By focusing less on accessorizing and more on mono-functionality, this steam mop boasts of the fastest steaming time.

It only takes about 15 seconds to get the steam ready to roll for highly effective cleaning without the use of a single chemical. This means you can kill 99% of bacteria and germs without harming the environment or polluting your home.

In addition to a handy carpet glider that makes it possible to refresh and steam your carpets, Vileda’s steam mop is the ideal tool for hard, sealed floors such as laminate, wood, vinyl, and tiles.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Keeping in mind that this model comes with virtually zero attachments and accessories, I found the Vileda Steam Mop refreshingly easy to use. I mean, it’s just a standard steam mop without an array of bells and whistles, right? We’ve already seen how light it is, so moving it around the house couldn’t be any easier.

Straight from the assembly, Vileda has taken all the steps to ensure a user-friendly experience. The box contains three sections that can be put together in under a minute. And while relatively small, the 0.4-litre water tank is easily refillable and lasts for slightly over 11 minutes of continuous steaming.

Speaking of steaming, users will also appreciate the variable steam setting dial. This allows you to set the minimum level for delicate floors like wood and choose maximum steam for tougher surfaces like vinyl and tiles.

Similarly, the swivel head function allows for more manoeuvrability and easier cleaning around corners. And with 6 meters of cord length, I was able to get to all areas of my house without too much shifting around.

What Accessories Are Included?

You can expect the following items in the box with every purchase

  • Vileda Steam Mop
  • Filling jug
  • 2 durable microfibre pads
  • Carpet glider
  • Instruction manual


  • Lightest steam mop on the market.
  • Longer handle for more reach.
  • Incredibly user-friendly and affordable.


  • The lack of tools and attachments limits the steam mop’s applications.

Anything Else You Should Know?

While Vileda aims to minimize on the attachments, there’s one particular accessory that even they couldn’t ignore. You guessed it; that would be the carpet glider that attaches to the microfiber pad. The glider allows you to steam and refresh your carpets without soaking it with water. If you try to clean your carpets without the glider, then the mop head just bunches up and becomes impossible to manoeuvre.


A handy, stripped down and back to basics steam cleaner, the Vileda steam mop is ideal for anyone who simply wants clean hard floors. Today’s market is chock full of steam cleaners with an expansive range of tools and accessories as brands are trying to turn steam mops into all encompassing models that can clean anything and everything.

The Vileda steamer is refreshingly simple yet highly efficient and functional. Sure, Vileda’s steam mop might not be able to do everything. But I’ll tell you one thing; it really excels at what it does best – and that’s cleaning floors.

Where To Buy?