How To Whiten Net Curtains With Steradent?

Steradent tablets are essentially a mashup of common kitchen products usually used for cleaning. Each tablet contains baking soda, citric acid, soda ash and other components.

This is why Steradent is great for cleaning dentures. It not only lifts food, beverage or tobacco stains, it also whitens the dentures and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

It’s also why Steradent tablets are great for more than just cleaning dentures. They are perfect for everyday cleaning in your home.

Of course, you could use baking soda, bleach or the kitchen cleaners. But these are often harsh for certain surfaces or need to be mixed with water and other components.

Steradent tablets have three advantages. One, they are cheap. You can get a pack of 30 tablets for about £30 on Amazon, at most supermarkets or at any pharmacy.

Two, they are gentle on most surfaces. They won’t cause discoloration or any kind of damage.

Three, they are convenient to use. Instead of making a baking soda paste, just use a couple tablets for whatever you want to clean.

So how to whiten net curtains with Steradent? Read on to learn more.

Whitening Net Curtains With Steradent

Whitening Net Curtains With Steradent

You could soak your white net curtains in diluted bleach to remove stains and brighten them. But a faster and more convenient option is to simply add a couple of Steradent tablets to a bucket of water.

Soak your curtains in the water for a few hours, then wash them on a gentle setting in the washing machine.

Steradent tablets have the same whitening effect as bleach.

Other Uses of Steradent

1. De-staining Utensils

Plastic containers get stained easily from interactions with foods, especially foods containing tomatoes.

Coffee and tea stains are also common in cups, thermos flasks and other utensils.

Fill each stained item with tap water, then drop a tablet of Steradent in each. Leave the utensils to soak overnight or for a few hours, then wash them as normal. All the staining should go away.

2. Cleaning Greasy or Burnt-on Cookware

Pans and baking utensils with stuck-on or burnt-on foods are hard to clean, and you risk damaging them by over scrubbing. Soaking them in plain water usually doesn’t work as well.

Add a tablet of Steradent to the water to lift off those foods stuck to the cookware. After soaking overnight, they should be easy to wash without having to scrub too much.

The same trick works for greasy cookware and utensils. Acids and alkaline peroxides in the tablets cut through the grease and lift it from the surface.

3. Descaling Appliances and Utensils

Steradent also happens to be an excellent descaler, and it’s cheaper than store-bought descalers. You can use it to remove mineral deposits in appliances and utensils.

Follow the descaling instructions provided in the appliance’s user manual, but use 1-2 tablets of Steradent instead of a descaler. For instance with a front-loading washing machine, put two tablets in the detergent drawer then run an empty cleaning cycle.

For an electric kettle, add hot water to the kettle then add 1-2 tablets depending on the size of the kettle. Let it soak overnight.

For utensils, use the stain-removal process we explained above. Fill with water then soak overnight.

You can also use Steradent to descale a showerhead. Add a tablet to water in a bag, then use rubber bands to secure the bag around the shower head, making sure the water is in contact with the shower head.

Let it soak overnight. In the morning, scrub the shower head with a brush and rinse it by turning it on for several seconds.

4. Cleaning Surfaces

If you don’t have an all-purpose cleaner, Steradent is a great alternative. The best part is that it’s also a disinfectant; it’ll kill bacteria.

Make a cleaning spray by adding two Steradent tablets to water in a spray bottle. Then whenever you want to clean a surface like the kitchen counter, simply spray and wipe.

For stained surfaces such as the bathroom floor, spray and then let the solution soak for half an hour before mopping. This should remove any stubborn dirt and stains.

5. Cleaning the Toilet

Toilet cleaners are usually harsh and smelly chemicals. Steradent is much gentler and has no unpleasant smell.

Put a couple of tablets in the toilet and let them soak for about half an hour. Then scrub the toilet with a brush to fully lift stains and marks. Flush to rinse the toilet bowl.